In order to get points on DSoarHair,you'll need to log in your account firstly,
If you don't have an account ,please Register here. CLICK NOW

Points Equal to Dollars

Points/Currency Exchange Rate: 100 Reward Points = $1.00Points will be credited to your account once you confirm delivery of your order.
Spent $158.89 = 160 points, the part that is less than one dollar counts for one dollar. Every 100 points = $1, can be used in your order.

  • ①.

    50 Points + 100 Points→ Register To be a member of DSoarHair, get 150 Points. Sign Up for Newsletter when register get more50 points.

  • ②.

    Any complete order from website dsoarhair.com can get related points ,
    cost $1= get 1 Point; the system will add points automatically.

  • ③.

    positive Reviews on our website , will get 30 points.

  • ④.

    Photo of wearing our hair=200 points ,send us the photo by email,
    will get 200 points

  • ⑤.

    Videos of wearing our hair=1000 points,send us the videos by email
    will get 1000 points

  • PS: Points depend on the comments / photos/ videos quality
    (Photos & videos request: Beatutiful and Clearly half-body(from head to waist)
    ensure your hair is the focus.)

50 points = $1.00

When your points reach 50(minimum), you can use them for discount.
The discount (from the DSoar Points) cannot exceed 20% of the final commodity value after coupon deduction

The guidelines for using DSoarHair points

  • Points cannot be redeemed against certain special sale items.
  • Orders which use points for payment can not get points.
  • The amount of points awarded is not affected by coupons.
  • For example:
  • commodity value = $10.00, use 10% off coupon = $9.00. You receive 10 points.

DSoarHair.com reserves the right to amend these rules and provisions

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