Human hair wigs have always in fashion. Why more and more people need some human hair wigs? This article introduces the reason. Do you want to know why? Read on

why you need human hair wigs


Why you need human hair wigs? 

The difference between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs


Why you need human hair wigs? 

※ Puzzle by hair loss, thin hair, or bald

Hair loss, thinning, and bald are always associated with bad things such as aging, stress, and disease, etc, so people always hope their hair to look plump and strong, which can make them look healthy. In this case, human hair weave can help them increase the volume and length of their hair. Especially human hair wigs can blend perfectly with your existing hair; and they can also be easily used and removed. More importantly, they will not damage your natural hair. What a perfect choice.

※ Try new hair colors boldly

Maybe a woman with dark hair like you or me always likes to try new hair colors boldly, but you don't want to dye your hair with chemicals for damaging your natural hair on a salon. When human hair wigs can salve that, the great thing about hair extensions is that the harsh chemicals don't need directly touch your hair. If you want to add some highlights or lowlights to your hair, human hair wigs are a very good choice!

※ Change your image in an instant

For everyday office female workers and women going out for parties, exquisite makeup and beautiful hair are indispensable. Sometimes there are too many things to do (especially when you have kids) and no time to clean your hair. then putting some wigs on your dressing table can be very useful, and that also useful for someone who is running late.

human hair wigs

※ Afraid of damaging hair 

Changing hair color, hair care, chemicals, and other styling tools may damage the natural texture and health of your natural hair. For these people just want to try hairstyles, but only do it for a few days at a time. Human hair extensions allow them to try most hairstyles they want. Seeing that a certain hairstyle suits them, they may choose to do it on real hair. Generally speaking, hair extension gives people the freedom to change their hairstyle as long as they want.

※ Limited by work regulations 

Some strict work regulations limited people to change their hairstyles. For example, kindergarten teachers. They are usually asked to have decent, natural-colored hair and cloth. If a kindergarten teacher wants to try ombre-color hair, then the best choice of them is to buy a wigthat is worn on a day off, or you can take it to work to see the effect of the children, parents, and kindergarten leader. If they are no objection and feel it is ok, then you can experiment on their hair, to avoid the trouble of being reported by the parents after going to the salon and doing an ombre color.

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※ Cover up a bad haircut

Everyone has experienced bad hairstyles at some point in their life. You go to the salon and ask for a haircut, but you get a completely different cut. Maybe the bangs didn't turn out the way they should have, or maybe they were cut too short.In such cases, wigs are a lifeline. They are not heavy and do not hinder hair growth.There's no need to hide from others when you can show off your new hairstyle.

※ Have no patience to take care of their natural hair.

Have no patience to take care of their natural hair, that is not because they are lazy. Some people have very curly hair, and it is very difficult to care about. The hair is coarse, oil, and knot easily. Even you take care of your hair spend a whole day, it looks still messy. At the same time, it is expensive to care for their natural hair with harmful chemicals. It is also very expensive to take care of their hair or styling in a hair salon. it just makes their hair worse after color or straight their natural hair. What they should do to keep their hair look well, the best way is to buy the same human hair wigs, which can’t damage their natural hair or prevents their hair from growing properly.

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The difference between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs

Why you need human hair wigs, not synthetic ones, and what are the differences of human hair wigs and synthetic wigs? Let’s see.

  1. Human hair wigs are real and natural, which look like your natural hair, but the synthetic one looks very cheap and limp.
  2. Human hair wigs can last more than one year, but synthetic wigs would messy and tangle after being used several times.
  3. human hair wigs are easy to care for, but synthetic wigs are easy messy and different to care about.
  4. Human hair wigs are easy to restyle, you can dry, straight, and color them in to any hairstyle you want, but synthetic wigs are difficult to restyle.
  5. Human hair wigs are worn comfortable and breathable, but synthetic wigs are worn uncomfortable.
  6. Human hair wigs always expensive than synthetic wigs


“getting a synthetic wig is similar to getting a knock-off bag. It’ll good great for a while, and if you have multiple, it can last you a long time. However, even with all that in still won’t compare when it comes to a wig made from human hair. ” that is why you need human hair wigs. If you have enough budget, you hand better buy human hair wigs. Dsoarhair store offer all kinds of human hair wigs, human hair lace front wigs, full lace human hair wigs, besides that, if you need any dreadlocks extension and human hair weave, click now!