Lace frontal usally refers to the big lace closure hair, which covers the whole frontal from ear to ear. 13" width and 4" height lace closure supplied by Dsoar hair is one of lace frontals. Most customers usually complain the lace frontal is expensive, but they don't see the advantages of lace frontals and the potential savings.

First, lace frontal is more comfortable to install and wear. It is generally meant to be bonded in place and placed in front of the hairline usually because they are bonded. However it is possible for a professional hair stylist to sew a lace frontal behind the hairline using invisible thread.

Second, a lace frontal has its unmatched styling versatility. Wearing a lace frontal can allow you to achieve a styling option that a closure doesn’t; frontals allow you to wear pulled back hairstyles. A lace frontal covers the entire hairline and will allow you to achieve a seamless style that you can pull back off of your face.

Third, lace frontal closure 13x4 saves less hair bundles compared to lace closure. It seems that lace frontal is expensive individually but from the whole, you can buy less hair bundles to match. Thus you also save sew-in and wear much comfotablly.