When women mentioned human hair bundles, they thought there are various types for them to choose from.

Actually, virgin human hair bundles are the best choice for women to lengthen and add volume of their own hair. And remy human hair bundles can be dyed, colored, permed, straight, and restyled to any hairstyles they like.

The most sought-after types in the market are Brazilian human hair bundles, Peruvian human hair bundles, Malaysian human hair bundles, and Indian human hair bundles. But there are still some differences between these four types of cheap human hair bundles.

Which human hair bundles are the best

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※ Peruvian human hair bundles

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※ Which type of human hair bundles are the best

Brazilian human hair bundles

Brazilian virgin human hair bundles are accepted as the best human hair bundles in the market.

Brazilian Hair is silkier and shinier in texture. The straight human hair bundles are not bone straight but tend to curly beautifully at the end. This hair holds curls very well and tends to holds curls longer than the Indian hair.

Virgin remy Brazilian human hair bundles are chemical-free, with original cuticle, all the human hair weave sew in facing the same direction, ensure the remy hair shedding free and no tangle, bring the most affordable human hair weave bundles to you.

Brazilian body human hair bundles

The model in the picture is wearing Dsoarhair Brazilian body wave hair, how charming the body wave hairstyles are.

 Peruvian human hair bundles

Peruvian virgin human hair bundles are a little coarser and thicker in texture than Indian or Brazilian hair. It blends well with African-American hair textures and medium Caucasian hair textures. The curly texture becomes more curly when wet or washed.

100 Peruvian human hair bundles are the adaptable human hair bundles for sale. This type of hair is thick, soft, with natural luster, you can use fewer bundles to have full bundles look.

Best Peruvian human hair also has the variable function, you can heat style, cold style or colored this type of hair into any styles you like.

Peruvian natural wave hair

Peruvian natural wave hair bundles

 I really like the natural wave bundles texture, sexy and fashionable

 Malaysian human hair bundles

Malaysian real human hair bundles at first can appear excessively shiny but after the first 2/3 washes, the shine lessens considerably to take on a more natural appearance. No product is required to maintain the curl. Malaysian hair is also softer and silkier in texture than Indian hair.

Malaysian human hair weave has many different popular textures, curly human hair bundles, straight human hair bundles, loose deep wave human hair, natural wave hair bundles, curly weave human hair, body wave hair, kinky curly human hair, etc.

Malaysian human hair bundles

Indian human hair bundles

Indian 100 human hair bundles are one of the best sought-after hairstyles in the market. This kind of remy hair is collected with a natural cuticle and luster, suitable for any hairstyles.

Indian remy hair tends to dry into a beautiful wave which ranges from a slight wave to very wavy, although it straightens and curls very easily.

The best Indian human hair bundles have a fine density, thick, and light, you can wear them about 1-2 years under proper maintaining.

Dsoar Indian curly human hair bundles

Which type of human hair bundles are the best

Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, and Indian human hair weave bundles are both made of 100 remy hair, keep the original features, bring the best quality to people.

But there are still some differences between them, below table for your reference.

differences between human hair bundles

Which type of human hair bundles? The answer depends on personal choice. Dsoarhair would like to provide the best human hair with cheap price.

Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, and Indian, which type of human hair bundles you like? Welcome to share your comments with us.


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