When people choosing human hair to sew in, the highly welcomed kind of human hair they want to buy is Remy hair. Many customers will feel wondering about the Remy hair. Why the Remy human hair has gained so many good reputations, does Remy hair made of a human hair? What’s the difference between Remy hair and human hair? This blog will introduce something you should know about Remy human hair bundles.

What is Remy hair made of


※ What is Remy hair made of

※ Why you should buy Remy hair

※ The difference between Remy hair and human hair

What is Remy hair made of

Remy hair is regarded as the highest quality human hair you should buy. Remy does not only refer to the 100% human hair growing on people’s head, but also refer to a kind of processing technic. When the human hair wigs online vendors collecting the hair, they cut the natural hair from the same donator’s head by keeping the original cuticle, then they collect the same donator’s head into a human hair bundle by keeping the original head-to-tail order, without mixing other donator’s hair. Even during the course of working, the original hair root to tip order is also keeping well. This product can produce the best Remy hair.

That is to say, the Remy hair is made of the 100% human hair with the original cuticle and original hair root to tip order, this can make sure minimum shedding and no tangle during wearing. We believe people will feel unhappy with the shedding and tangle hair, but if the human hair wigs for black women are made of 100% Remy hair, we believe the Remy hair wigs will make your purchasing more valuable.

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Why you should buy Remy hair

Here are some advantages of human hair remy extensions, these are also the reasons why you should buy Remy hair.

* Minimum shedding and no tangle during your wearing, offer you the softest wearing feeling.

* No harmful chemicals added during production, ensures the healthy wearing for you.

* There is the natural luster around the whole entire body, bring the natural and beautiful looking to you.

* Ultra-high performance of the original hair makes you no need any special caring procedure, easy for your installation and caring.

* The Remy hair weave can bear any kind of styling, it has the strong ability of plasticity. You can style your hair to Remy hair body wave, Remy hair deep wave, Remy hair loose wave, Remy hair jerry curl, Remy hair 613 blonde, and other popular Remy human hairstyles without worrying about the damage as long as you can take good care of the Remy hair bundles in a proper way.

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The difference between Remy hair and human hair

Some women may also feel chaotic about Remy hair and human hair. Here we will introduce some differences between Remy hair and human hair.

* The Remy hair weave is one kind of 100% human hair, but not all 100% human hair is Remy hair. Human hair can be divided into many types, Remy human hair belongs to the kind of the best quality human hair.

* The Remy human hair is made of the natural hair cut directly from the same donator’s head and handled by facing the same direction. Keeps the original performance of the natural hair. Human hair also belongs to the kind of natural hair growing from the donator’s head, but it loses the original cuticle, it may be collected from the comb, from the barbershop, even collected from different people. After collecting, human hair vendors may handle this kind of hair by chemical immersion, it loses the optimal performance if comparing with the Remy hair.

* The Remy human hair bundles with closure have a long lifespan if comparing with the human hair. The Remy hair can last up to about one year as long as you take good care of it. But the lifespan of the chemical handled human hair is about six to eight months under your proper caring.

* It is definitely the cost of the Remy hair will be a little higher than the human hair.

Where to buy the best Remy hair?

There are many Remy human hair vendors in the market, the most important thing is finding a reliable human hair vendor can supply the reliable quality Remy virgin hair to you. Dsoarhair Mall is just a reliable Remy human hair bundles vendor, all Remy hair from Dsoarhair is 9A grade quality, minimum shedding, and no tangle, smooth and soft for your wearing. Different Remy hair groups and Remy hairstyles can meet all of your different demands.

After reading this blog, have you got a clear idea about the Remy hair? If you have any questions, please contact Dsoarhair Mall directly, we hope to solve all of your problems about the Remy hair.