Natural Wave Hair is one of the most popular hair extension types available on the market today. More and more women love to wear the natural wave weave, especially in hot summer. Dsoarhair has received several questions about the natural wave hair, this blog will explain what is natural wave hair in different angles.

What is natural wave hair

Topics will be showed in this article: 

※ Natural wave hair texture

※ Details of natural wave hair

※ Features of natural wave hair

※ Classify of natural wave hair

※ Popular collocation of natural wave hair

※ Reviews of natural wave hair

Natural wave hair becomes so popular, one of the reasons is its’ texture, now we will discuss the texture of the natural wave hair.

Natural wave hair texture

The texture of the natural wave hair bundles is different from other hairstyles, it has many curls around the entire hair body, the curls are very natural and orderliness. The crimp degree of the natural wave weave bundles is between the body wave and curly wave. It is bigger than the curly wave but smaller than the body wave, it is a curly hairstyle that can be restyled to meet all of your curl or straight demands.

There is a moderate luster around the natural wave hair, this luster makes the hair not look too luxurious, but bring the hair the feeling of comfortable and fashion.

natural wave hair bundles

Details of natural wave hair

1, Quality

All the natural wave weave from Dsoarhair are 9A grade, smooth for finger through, natural luster and fuller appearance.  

2, Raw Materials

100% virgin remy human hair, without any chemical procedure. Retain the attributes of original and nature, can bear any type of restyling.

3, Well Made

The hair weft is double, with hand-tied lace closure, exquisite workmanship, durable service time, can last for 6 months( according to the hair care method).

4, Appearance

Shiny and natural luster on it, natural black color, bouncy and comfortable for wear. Brings you the feeling of fresh and fashion. You will definitely love it after you sew in.

natural wave hair

Features of natural wave hair

All the hair bundles keep the original nature attributes, can accept any type of handling, it can be dyed, worn curly or straight. As long as you like, you can make it to any styles you prefer, and this will not damage the service time of the hair(Definitely you should handle and care it with the proper way).

◇ Natural wave hair is easy to maintain, you needn’t add some special care procedure, it will give you the most durable and beautiful style.

Classify of natural wave hair

Brazilian natural wave hair

Peruvian natural wave hair

Malaysian natural wave hair

Indian natural wave hair

Popular collocation of natural wave hair

* Best Natural Wave Bundles

Best Natural Wave Bundles

* Natural Wave Human Hair Bundles With Closure

Natural Wave Human Hair Bundles With Closure

* Natural Wave Hair Wigs

Natural Wave Hair Wigs

All the natural wave bundle deals and other human hairstyles from Dsoarhair both have a big discount of up to 20% off, the most favorable deal can’t be missed.

natural wave bundle deals discount

Reviews of natural wave hair

Natural wave hair is the hot sale human hairstyles of Dsoar, many people who buy the natural wave hair both leave the good review for us, here is a review left from one of our customers, hope to help all the honey readers to well understand the natural wave hair.

Have you well known what is the natural wave hair? Welcome to Dsoarhair Mall to choose the best natural wave hair you prefer.


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