Brazilian Hair Extension is one of the most popular hair extensions of all hair types, that not only for its advantages, the high density, softness, and low maintenance but also for it could blend seamlessly with most people's real hair. How much do you know about the Brazilian Hair Extensions? If you need to buy some hair extension, hopefully, this article will be read before you buy it, and that could help you learn more about Brazilian hair extensions, and save you a lot of money to buy the hair you need, let's go now!

what is Brazilian hair extension


1.  The origin of Brazilian hair extension

2.  The essence of Brazilian hair extension

3.  Three types of Brazilian hair extension

4.  The advantages of Brazilian hair extension 

5. The disadvantages of Brazilian hair extension

Brazilian hair extension

The origin of Brazilian hair extension

Before introducing the Brazilian hair extension, the following content is simple to introduce Brazil and Brazilian. Brazil located in South America is a melting pot of many races. Brazilian come from Africa, India, and Europe. After the social realities in mixed the three types of people, the Brazilian hair extensions inherited the different advantage of the three races, that is the reason of the Brazilian hair extensions more popular than other hair extensions.

Most Brazilian hair extensions come from rural areas of Brazil, where donors sell their hair for making some money. By this, we can get a lot of Brazilian hair extensions, and local people can get the money for what they want to buy. Brazilian hair extension is the best human hair extensions in the market. It is purely natural and without any chemical process, so it is also called Brazilian virgin hair extension.

The essence of Brazilian hair extension

Brazilian hair extension is the type of hair most needed for hair extension maker, and it is gaining the market with its affordable price and superior quality. It can last a long time, Easy to take care of, tangle-free, no shedding, all types for different people choose, and thicker than Indian hair, Peruvian hair, and Malaysian hair for that it is suitable for restyling. You can straight, dye, or perm, and make any hairstyle you want.

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Brazilian hair weave

Three types of Brazilian hair extension

Depending on where Brazil's population comes from and great ethnic amalgamation, there are roughly three types of Brazilian hair extensions.

• First type of Brazilian hair extension has almost inherited the features of the European or Anglo crowd. This kind of Brazilian hair extension is fine, silky, naturally straight, and light, and it is used to make lace frontal and lace wigs, which look real and natural. and it feels soft and breathable when you wear it. it is very suited to wearing in the summertime.

• Second type of Brazilian hair extension has almost inherited the features of Brazil's Indian, and it is thicker than the first type, at the same time usually wavy styling. This type of Brazilian hair extension comes in a variety of shades that ranging from light copper to dark brown under sunshine. It is very beautiful and charming when you wear, and it makes you feel bouncy and comfortable. it's the most popular Brazilian hair extension style for its high density, bouncy, curly, and beautiful color on the market.

• Third type of Brazilian hair extension has almost inherited the features of Brazil's African Caribbean population. The feature of this type of Brazilian hair extension is curly and thick, and the color ranging from light brown to black. The hair extension is often called Molado or Muttalo, which means curly. It looks thick and healthy, and it is popular for the people they like curly hair.

brazilian virgin hair

 The advantages of Brazilian hair extension 

• Thick, High density, and soft.

• Curly, naturally straight and wavy styling.

• Can be straight, dye and perm, and be suitable for restyling.

• A variety of shades from light brown to black.

• This type of hair weave is breathable, fluffy, and bounce.

• This type of virgin hair is popular in America, Africa, and the Caribbean.

The disadvantage of Brazilian hair extension 

• There are a lot of fake Brazilian hair extension passed off synthetic hair in the market for great demand, you should distinguish if it is the real Brazilian hair extension hair.

•  Expensive price than other hair extensions. Poor hair production results in the price are expensive than another hair extension, and at lease, you need 3 bundles to full your head.

• You need to go to a barbershop to installing your Brazilian hair extension, which would waste your extra time and money.

brazilian remy hair

That is all the introduction about Brazilian hair extension, Do you have other questions about the Brazilian hair extension? Welcome to comments and suggestions below the comment area.

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