People often choose Remy hair to extend the length of their own hair. If you are a newcomer to the hair market, you will feel confused with the different kinds of human hair. Today, we aim to help women understand more information about the Remy hair in this blog.

Something you need know about Remy hair


※ What is Remy hair

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What is Remy hair

Remy hair is the higher grade quality human hair weave or human hair bundles. All hair is 100% human hair without any fiber or synthetic added. It keeps the natural color and texture of human hair weave extensions, looks more vivid and natural. The Remy human hair weave is cut directly from the same donator’s scalp and the original cuticle is pointing in the same directions just like the hair naturally grows from your own scalp. The word “Remy” means the quality grade of human hair bundles and the processing and treatment process. In this part, we will introduce how Remy hair is made. The human hair suppliers cut the real and natural hair directly from the same donator, keep the hair in the same direction, then produced it without any harmful chemicals or low-grade hair added. After styling the 100 human hair weave to different hairstyles, then sewing the Remy hair extensions by double side-by-side machines. After going through a whole set of steps, the Remy hair is produced well.

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If you looking from your eyes, the human hair Remy extensions are just like your own natural hair. It is smooth and soft, shiny with the natural black color. Compare with other kinds of human hair bundles, Remy hair wigs will bring you the most natural-looking effects.

FAQs about Remy hair

Is Remy hair good quality?

If comparing with an original human hair weave, the Remy hair bundles have a higher quality. The Remy human hair weave is also recognized as the most affordable human hair weave bundles. The reason is that the Remy Indian hair extensions keep the original cuticle of the hair, and it is handled bu facing all hair in the same direction. We also know, if human hair bundles keep the original cuticle and also facing the same direction, this will avoid many hair problems during wearing, such as shedding and tangle. Also because the Remy hair bundles with closure keep the original features of natural hair, so it can last for a long time. Under general terms, the service time of the Remy hair for sale is about one year, the lifespan depends on how you take care of it.

Can you curl Remy hair?

The Remy hair extensions weave can be styled to any hairstyles you like. You can color it to 613 blonde human hair weave, you can straight it to straight human hair wigs, you can curl it to Remy hair body wave human hair bundles, Remy hair deep wave human hair bundles, Remy hair loose wave human hair bundles, Remy hair jerry curl human hair bundles, and other curly Remy hairstyles. But when you want to curl your Remy hair human hair, you should pay attention to the methods. Avoid using the over-heat tools to curl your Remy human hair weave, don’t over-styling to your Remy human hair bundles, don’t forget to care for your Remy hair after curling.

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Can Remy hair be bleached?

The high-quality Remy hair extensions can be bleached, but we want to remind you here when you want to bleach your Remy hair wigs, you’d better think it well. Does it definitely need to be bleached? Since bleaching the human hair Remy wigs needs several times trying, and the human hair Remy extensions like our natural hair, over and over again bleaching trying will damage the strong degree of the Remy hair bundles, and also shorten the lifespan of the Remy hair weave. So if you really need to bleach your Remy human hair, we suggest you go to a professional hairdresser for help.

How long does Remy human hair last?

As the high-quality human hair weave, under the general circumstance, the lifespan of the Remy hair weave is about one year. But the lifespan also depends on the caring procedure. If you only buy and wear, ignore caring for it, the Remy human hair will serve you only six to eight months, but if you can take good care of it, the Remy hair bundles with closure will service you above one year. So if you want to make the Remy hair on sale more valuable, we suggest you should pay more attention to the caring.

How much does Remy hair cost?

Budget is always important concerning tips when people going to buy the best Remy human hair sew-in. Since there are different combinations of the Remy human hair, so the cost of the Remy hair is also different.

One bundle Remy straight hair is about $40 to $60 according to the Remy human hair length. One bundle Remy curly hair is about $45-70 according to the hair length. Three bundles of Remy human hair weave are about $60 to $200 according to hair length and hair textures. Four bundles of Remy human hair bundles are about $70 to $300 according to different human hair weave length and human hair weave styles. Three bundles Remy hair with a piece of Remy closure are about $80 to $350 according to the hair length and hair texture and four bundles of Remy human hair bundles with a piece of Remy hair closure are about $90 to $400 according to the different Remy hair bundles and Remy hair closure you want.

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Should you get Remy hair

Remy hair extensions have widely used among women all over the world. It is widely used for women who are suffering hair loss, baldness, alopecia, poor hairline, or other hair problems. The Remy human hair sew in can solve all kinds of hair problems for women, create a new and natural-looking, improve women’s self-confidence. What’s more, the Remy human hair is easy to install and maintain, also have a long lifespan.

Base on these conveniences and benefits, you should get the Remy hair to give yourself a beautiful change, you will feel the world is also becoming more and more beautiful after you getting the 100% Remy hair.

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