Remy hair is in high demand since it’s texture and characters, we all know the Remy human hair is collected from people’s head, but we should also know not all the human hair is Remy hair. There are some differences between the Remy hair extensions and 100% human hair. So, many people asked, is Remy hair better than human hair? This blog will answer this question for you.

Is Remy hair better than human hair


※ What is Remy hair?

※ What is human hair?

※ Is Remy hair better than human hair?

First, we should understand what is Remy hair and what is human hair respectively.

What is Remy hair?

The word “Remy” means the features of the human hair and the method of manufacture. The Remy hair is regarded as the high-quality human hair which cut directly from the donator’s head by keeping the original cuticle. When human hair Remy extensions are collected, the cuticles are left intact and perfectly aligned from cuticle to root, all hair is collected by running the same direction with the natural luster around the hair, this will give people a most natural-looking.

remy hair

What is human hair?

Human hair is also collected from the donator’s head without any fiber or synthetic hair, but it isn’t collected from the donator’s head directly. It can be collected from the combs, floor, barbershop, or even collected in the villages who have already cut their hair into a bundle. Human hair has a low quality than the Remy human hair weave. Human hair is collected without the original cuticle kept, and it is also in a littery order. In order to make it smooth and good looking, it will be handled by chemical immersion called as the “acid bath”, then applying some silicone to make it shine and to cover up any cuticles that were not removed in the acid bath.

Is Remy hair better than human hair?

Remy hair is better than human hair if you ask why we should explain this on the differences between the Remy hair bundles with closure and human hair wigs.

* Cuticle is a very important element. Remy hair with original cuticle can ensure the human hair bundles minimum shedding, no tangle during wearing. And the Remy human hair weave will show the most natural luster and looking. But human hair has cuticle hasn’t kept their original property, human hair has chemical handled, the silicone is applied to keep the human hair smooth and good looking, but after several times washing, the silicone will be dropped, then the human hair will become shedding, tangle, and dry. The bad condition will appear. So, if talking from this part, we can say the Remy hair for sale is better than the human hair for sale since the Remy human hair bundles with closure kept the original cuticle.

human hair bundles

* Comparing from the plasticity. Since the Remy hair on sale keeps the original cuticle, so the Remy hair extensions weave has the advantage of strong, it can be styled to any other kinds of Remy human hairstyles, such as Remy hair body wave hair, Remy hair deep wave hair, Remy hair loose wave hair, Remy hair jerry curl hair, Remy straight hair, Remy curly hair, 613 Remy human hair bundles, and other popular Remy human hairstyles. If you are a woman who feels cheesed with the changeless human hair texture but still doesn’t damage your hair, then the Remy hair extensions should be your correct choice. Human hair bundles and human hair weave are also can be restyled to other human hairstyles, but they may get harm since they lack the protection of the original cuticle. So if we saying from the diversification, the 100% Remy hair is better than human hair.

* If we saying from the economy part, yes the cost of the Remy hair is a little higher than human hair. But the service time they can offer is different. Human hair can last up to six to eight months after your proper caring, and the Remy human hair weave can last up to about one year under your careful maintaining. It is obvious that the Remy hair wigs are durable than human hair wigs.

* One main purpose of women buying human hair is saving time and energy, let’s imagine if a girl likes to spend much time to style the human hair wigs she wore? The answer is definitely no. No one wants to spend much time and energy to style their human hair every day. So the easy installing and easy maintaining Remy hair have gained highly welcomed among women. Since the advantages the Remy human hair has, people don’t need any special caring procedure when they style it. The human hair Remy wigs are easy to keep the good and natural-looking condition if people can care for them in a proper way. But since the human hair is lacking the protection of the cuticle, so it will easily become dry and shedding. People need to spend much time and procedures to let it reappear good condition. So the Remy hair is better than human hair since it is easy to maintain.

Although we have listed so many reasons why we said the Remy hair is better than human hair, but different people have different preferences and demands, you should also rational choice your hair according to your budget and demands. No matter you want to choose the Remy hair or human hair, you can both come into Dsoarhair to have a look, 9A grade Remy human hair with the advantages of minimum shedding, no tangle, and long lifespan at the cheap price are waiting for your visiting.

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