When do you want to choose closure or frontal to sew in or install, 13x6 frontal and 5x5 closure, which one would you like to buy? 13x6 frontal and 5x5 closure are both the wonderful accessory to close off a wig installation. Do you know how to choose between them? Is a 13x6 frontal better than the 5x5 closure? Or is the 5x5 closure better than a 13x6 frontal? This article will show the answer to you.

Is 13x6 frontal or 5x5 closure better


※ 13x6 frontal VS 5x5 closure, what are the differences?

※ Is 13x6 frontal or 5x5 closure better?

13x6 frontal VS 5x5 closure, what are the differences?

* From the size

What is a 13x6 frontal?

A 13x6 lace frontal is a lace frontal with a size of 13 inches length and 6 inches width. Similar to the 13x4 lace frontal, 13x4 and 13x6 frontal are both called the ear to ear lace frontal, the coverage area of the 13x6 lace closure is from one ear to another ear, it covers the half of the head and the entire hairline. 

13x6 frontal

What is a 5x5 closure?

A 5x5 lace closure is a piece of human hair closure in which the size is 5 inches length and 5 inches width. The coverage area of a 5x5 hair closure is from temple to temple, human hair closure size is smaller than a 13x6 lace frontal closure and the 6x6 closure.

The closure 5x5 can be also called as the 5x5 lace frontal, but the 13x6 lace frontal can’t be called the 13x6 lace closure.

5x5 closure


* From the breathability

The 5x5 lace closure with bundles sew in human hair wigs and 13x6 frontal with bundles sew in human hair wigs are both soft for people’s wearing. But the breathability is different. The high-quality lace has a great ability of breathability, so the bigger the lace size, the greater the breathability. That means the breathability of a 13x6 frontal wig will be better than a 5x5 closure wig.

* From the cost

Usually, the cost of a 13x6 pre plucked lace frontal will be a little higher than a 5x5 brazilian lace closure because of the size of the lace closure.

* From the human hair bundles needed

How many human hair bundles will be needed with a 13x6 frontal or a 5x5 closure for a full sew in?

The 13x6 frontal closure is a half of a wig, the 13x6 lace frontal install will cover half of your head. So the human hair weaves needed with a 13x6 lace frontal will be one less than a 5x5 closure sew-in.

* From the flexibility of the hairstyles

The 5x5 closure wig sewed by 5x5 lace closure with bundles and the 13x6 frontal wig installed by 13x6 frontal with bundles can both have a wonderful and natural hairline, wearing them, the Remy hair looks like growing from your head, the appearance as natural as your hair growth.

13x6 lace frontal

Although the 13x6 lace frontal install and the 5x5 closure install can both appear the natural-looking, there are some differences in the flexibility of the hairstyles.

With the 5x5 closure sew in wigs, you can comb your hair to a side part, middle part, or any part you want. You can also dye, color, straight, heat style your hair as well. The 13x6 lace closure sew in wigs are not only can meet these advantages a 5x5 closure have but also can help you combing more flexibility hairstyles. Such as wearing the 13x6 lace frontal sew in wigs, you can comb your hair back directly with a natural hairline, and you can even comb your hair to a beautiful high ponytail many girls love.

Is 13x6 frontal or 5x5 closure better?

The 13x6 frontal and the 5x5 closure are both OK for your installation. There hasn’t a clear concept to define which is better. You should choose them regarding your demands.

If you want your human hair wigs softer and have the strong air permeability, you can choose the 13x6 lace frontal with bundles to sew in.

If you have a lower budget, then the 5x5 lace closure with bundles will be recommended for you.

In one word, you should buy your best 13x6 frontal and 5x5 closure according to your demands, budget, personal preference, and other demands.

5x5 lace closure

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