Virgin remy hair is becoming more and more popular among black women. Because virgin human hair with high quality is usually cut from one single donor without any processing. It makes the virgin remy hair more expensive then synthetic hair, so we need to know the correct way to maintain our virgin hair before and after intalling. No matter for virgin Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair bundles, washing virgin hair is one of the primary procedures to keep our human hair bundles soft and silky. So as lovers of virgin human hair, it is important to know how to wash your virgin hair. These steps as below will show you the correct way to wash virgin remy hair.

Step1: What you need to wash virgin remy hair

Before wash the virgin hair, we need prepare the items which can be used during the washing.




Wide comb

Essential oil



Step2: Brush your human hair bundles

Before you start to work on your new virgin human hair bundles, it’s better to check the hair if they are intact. It is possible to return or replace the detective human hair bundles before we wash and use them.

It is suggested to use a wide tooth or your fingers to brush your human hair bundles from the bottom to the up gently. Never bush the hair using the fine tooth combs or brush harshly.

Before washing the hair extensions, we suggest you check the condition of the hair weft. Please use a weft sealant to seal the broken areas to avoid further damages when you brush and wash the virgin hair. It will be better reinforce the wefts on your new virgin hair with the weft sealant.


Step3: Wash the virgin remy hair

It is not suggested to use hot or cold water to wash the natural hair weave, because hot water may damage the cuticles on the virgin remy hair. It is highly recommended to use warm water.

When we wash the remy hair weave, wet the human hair bundles with warm water in the same motion and don’t immerse them fully in the water in case tangling and loosening of the weft. The best and correct way is wetting the hair by your hands starting from the top to the ends in case the weft not be wet too much.


Stemp 4: Shampoo and condition the virgin remy hair

Like our own hair, we should wash the virgin remy hair with shampoo, it can remove the dirt, dandruff and excess oil from the hair. Please rub the shampoo into the hair with your fingers. We also recommend you use alcohol-free shampoo to avoid damaging the real hair. Shampoo our virgin hair is necessary because it not only can clean the hair but also can prevent the weave from dry and brittle. Rijnse your hair several times until the hair is clean without any shampoo.    

Use the good conditioner on the hair. Leave it in for about 15 minutes and rinse it clean again.  


Step5: Air dry the virgin remy hair

After cleaning the hair, you can put the hair bundles on a dry towel to drain out excess water. It will be better to make the virgin remy hair bundles air dry but not to place them under direct sunshine to avoid damaging. When the hair is clean, you can go ahead and use a pair of scissors to trim split ends so that make the hair have a healthier look. Besides, We recommend you use essential oils on the clean virgin remy hair to keep it smooth, flawing and silky.