When you pluck your wig it will provides a natural look. It is normally plucked the human hair wigs can make the hairline resembles your natural one. Besides that, plucking your wig is also a form of customization. Who doesn't like having a one-of-a-kind wig that looks realistic?

how to pluck human hair wig


※ Materials Of Plucking Human Hair Wigs

※ Methods Of Plucking Human Hair Wigs

※ Tips Of Plucking Human Hair Wigs

Materials of Plucking human hair wigs

Human Hair Wigs



Hot Comb

Water Spray

Eyebrow Scissors

Makeup Powder

human hair wigs

Methods of Plucking human hair wigs

1. Bleached Knots

Keep bleach knots on for about 30 minutes to one hour, and then wash the human hair wig and left it to air dry. It's not bad that almost all Dsoarhair real human hair wigs are pre-plucked, but I feel like it can use some more plucking, but who don’t like to customize a kind wig that looks realistic and feels breathable, so I would like to show an easy technique.

2. Part the right, middle or left part.

Then you can part the human hair wig in the right middle or left the hairline comes a little bit pre-plucked.

3. Wet the hair of human hair wig

wet the hair just a little bit with just some regular water in the bottle, nothing special like room temperature.

4. Pluck harsh line of demarcation

Take the tweezers, you can start plucking that harsh line of demarcation, but don't pluck it too much if you don't want to make it bald. You should take another small section of hair, and clip the other hair back to make sure you spray it with water and then pluck that harsh line of demarcation. There's no method to the way when plucking, you just need eyeballing that harsh line of demarcation, and plucking random spots. it usually helps when you just randomly move your hand around instead of keeping it in one spot, but if you keep going you're gonna start to see that harsh line of demarcation fade, that could work for you, and it is beginner-friendly. it does take longer compared to some other ways that people pluck their frontal and closure, but I like the results on this, not only because it's easier, but the gradient effect, in the end, looks realistic and natural.

real human hair wig

5. Comb out the shedding hair

When you're plucking before you finish that row, make sure you comb out that shedding human hair that you plucked out if you don't want to get tangled in the hair and get in your way look, which side do you want the right side, or you want the left side, because the right side is giving me natural vibes. 

6. Press down the hairline

You could leave it right here, or you can pluck the front line a little bit more, if you wanted to be more jagged, and want to add like a little widow's peak in the front to get that widow's peak, you don't touch by the middle part you leave, that middle part alone now you need use a hot comb and just press down the hairline. if you want to pluck anymore, please used the hot comb and smoothed it out the hairline, it's perfect! it's the way you want.on the next side, you need to cut out some parts.

7. Define the Curls

You have better define the curls, so again you need spray water to all over the curly hair, and get the hair nice and wet. If you don't want it drenched in water, and you can put some mousse all over the hair and random parts, and then comb it into the curls, so when the curls dry, it still has this nice defined soft look, it doesn't make the hair hard, but it keeps your curls nice and defined and soft.

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8. Cutting Baby Hair

If you like to temple baby hairs, you can take out the baby hair from now, and you need to use your hot comb, and just pressing down the baby hair.

Putting a little bit of foam on the hairline, and cutting down the baby hairs, eyebrow scissors is a good choice to cut lace or baby hair off your wigs, you will feel like you have more control with the eyebrow scissors, and it doesn't give too much of a harsh line. when you're cutting it can just cut in little zigzag motions, and defined on the inside of the wig, you can go ahead and applied makeup powder to the hairline, and the parting space so it made a T shape, and you can brush to contour with the leftover foundation on your brush, and just wipe some off one thing. 

Tips of Plucking human hair wigs

If you want that widow's peak in the front, or even if you don't want that widow's peak, try not to pluck too much near that middle part, you will never love plucking the whole hairline, when you add the middle part, the middle part will start bald, so try to keep your tweezers away from that middle part, you're going to pluck a little bit, but not too much goes.

human hair wig

Plucking human hair wigs can create a natural hairline that looks like your own hair, and which can make the human hair becomes thinner and more breathable for your summer wear. Please let me know what you think if you have any questions though feel free to comment below and I'll get back to them as soon as possible.