When you make a lace front wig, the way that you sew my tracks on, is depending on the way that you are going to utilize the wig, so this 100 human hair wig here I'm going to have as every day like, wake up and go type of human hair lace front wig, so if you like to, follow me now!

how to make a lace front wig


※ Materials Of Making A Lace Front Wig

※ Methods Of Making A Lace Front Wig

※ Tips Of Making A Lace Front Wig

Materials of making a lace front wig

1. Dsoar hair 4x4 lace closure with 3 100% human hair bundles 

2. A curved needle

3. Some T pins

4. Mesh cap

5. Weaving thread

6. Scissors 

7. Chalk

lace front wig

Methods of making a lace front wig

Fixed mesh cap and 4x4 lace closure

T-pin our mesh cap onto the wig head, you just need to t-pin the lace closure onto the wig head as well, just so that you can cut off the little tabs on the side, you don't have to cut far back but just enough, so that the front of the lace closure will lay flat onto the skin, so you need cut these off. then you need to cut the side tabs off of your 4x4 lace closure we're going to pin it in place to prep it to start sewing it. You need to make sure that you pull your lace closure a little bit forward in front of the human hair wig cap hairline, and also when you are pinning it in place you stretch the lace closure out just so there are no lumps or bumps while you sew in. 

sew-in lace closure to the wig cap

1. You need to start sewing in the lace closure to the wig cap. You don’t need to know a certain technique to sew in you basically, just loop and pull, and you just need to knot it sometimes, but the key thing is when you sew in the lace closure you should make sure that you sew close together, so that there's not any bulkiness going on and everything is nice and flat, and you need also to sew from side to side.

2. So start it on one side, and then you need to go to the other side and sew that one down just so you can make sure that the lace closure does not move, and then you need to sew down the back. Then you need to start by sewing the first track alongside the wig cap, so if the wind was to blow you won't be able to see the tracks, sometimes I make real hair wigs that I want to sew down, so I will lay my tracks a different way.

human hair lace front wig

Map the sew-in track of hair bundles with the cap and closure

1. In the beginning, you can use chalk to draw the track you want to sew. I usually follow the sewing path of the hair cap, from bottom to top. You can use your index finger to measure the spacing in between tracks because you are not going to be doubling or folding these tracks over, so you can make it to be very precise.

2. The middle part is drawn horizontally, with both ends should be mapped horizontally when the side face you, once you make it to the top where the lace closure is, you need to leave enough space for your last track, and this is just so that everything can close off nice and flat and seamless and that last track can cover all of the rest of the tricks. so when you doubling and folding your tracks, you need to map out the wig cap a little bit differently.

3. Mapping is complete, on the top, both ends track should be parallel to the sides of closure, then we need to go ahead and t pin them into place, so that it's easier to sew, and then you can just going to sew along the line.

100 lace front wig

Sew-in hair bundles with the cap and closure

1. You need not sew hair bundles ear to ear, like taking the lines all the way across, but you still need to do the index finger gaping. Your last track should be laid, and then sewn down you don't connect the last track with the closure, because sometimes if your closure is balding or you just want to change it out you can, so you don't want to connect those two, and you also want to make sure you're not leaving too much of a gap so that it can still look seamless. 

2. Make sure all of the stitching and everything is precise nice and clean, we're going to go ahead and cut and remove the excess cap from underneath the lace closure, so the human hair front lace wig has been finished. In this way, you can make any affordable human hair wigs you like, such as long wigs, straight hair wig, curly human hair wigs and so on, and I believe it will be the best human hair wigs in the world.

 lace frontal wig

Tips of making a lace front wig

1. Use mesh cap to replace regular dome cap because the mesh one is more breathable than the dome one, so the wig is comfortable and breathable, it is really a cheap and high quality wig and is not a overheating wig wear in summer .

2. You have better choose Dsoar hair transparent lace closure, the lace of which is much breathable and soft than others in summer. So it will be the best lace wig in the summer.

3. When you get towards the top, you want to make sure that your t-pin and your tracks like anchoring going upwards, so that it can kind of cover the trick beneath it, so you want to make sure that you're anchoring all of your tracks going like a little bit slanted upwards instead of like going straight across.

comment down below and let me know your thoughts on how I constrict this wig also if you guys have any ideas leave those down below that completes this article. I hope you guys enjoyed it this article.