The popularity of human hair wigs has always been high based on its convenience and put-on-and-go way, but since its rise, human hair weft has always had its irreplaceable status. Human hair weft is widely used in hair extension, changing hairstyles, increasing hair volume and so on, and it has become a blessing for many people who want to protect their hair from harm around the world. however, what is human hair weft and how to install human hair weft, let’s see that.

how to install human hair weft


※What is Human Hair Weft

※How To Install Human Hair Weft

What is Human Hair Weft

Human hair wefts are neat human hair bundles woven horizontally on a lace or silk cloth strip, which looks like a weft. The width of human hair wefts of different sizes is not fixed. Generally, the weight of hair weft is about 100g, In the case of constant weight, the longer the hair bundle, the narrower the width of the weft.

Hair salon braid a small strand of hair horizontally, holds the sides of the hair in place with bobby pins and sews, or glues the human hair weft into the braid. This type of human hair technology is becoming increasingly popular in the United States for it looks natural and fits well, lasts a long time, and does not require heat. So it is hardly any harm to hair at all.

human hair weft

How to install human hair weft

l Sew in human hair weft with human hair closure or frontal

l Sew in human hair weft

l Quick weave human hair weft 

l Glue human hair weft

Sew in human hair weft with closure or frontal

Many people with 3c to 4c hair want a beautiful hairstyle by sewing in human hair weft with human hair closure or frontal, which is the best way to possess glamorous hair at the best price. Let’s see how to install it together.

1. Braid your hair.

2. Align the closure with the midsection of your hair, Leave about a quarter closure or frontal of the hairline, and cut off the excess closure or frontal.

3. Put your first stitch through the closure, then sew in the braid and through the closure, and then thread through and bring to the edge of the closure to tie the closure.

4. When you stitch the other side, repeat the same process as before.

5. The closure faces down toward the back of the head. Always sew the sides together first, then the back.

6. Start sewing the human hair weft.

7. Start from the back of the head. Pass the stitch through the bottom of the knitting fabric through the human hair weft, then through the human hair weft again.

8. Complete 5-7 stitches, then tie the knot.

9. You don't have to go through the filling with every stitch. Maybe every 3-5 stitches.

10. When you reach the edge of your hair and tie the stitch, make sure to pass through the filling.


1. Don't pull too tight for protecting the edges of your hair.

2. The stitch is sewn along the periphery and braided layer.

3. Don't leave large gaps between the stitches, or it makes the hair look not natural.

real human hair weft

Sew in human hair weft

Many people who sew in human hair weft for hair extension, thickening hair, or change hair color. For it is hard to damage their hair and it is real and natural than wigs. By the way, it is the most used way to install human hair weft.

1. Layer your hair and braid it horizontally. 

2. Holds the sides of the hair in place with bobby pins, and stitches the human hair weft into the braid.

3. Align the weft mesh with one side of the braids, and cut off the excess human hair.

4. When sewing human hair weft on one side, clamp one side first with Duckbill Clips and sew with the thread of the same color as the hair color. Two layers of thread can be sewn for natural-looking.

5. Next, trim off any excess weft mesh.

6. Now you can start sewing the bundle until you reach the top with the folding method.

7. After styling it to the desired look, you can now sew it together.

100 human hair weft

Quick weave human hair weft 

It is the most convenient way to install human hair weft.

1. Weave your hair into two peripheral braids.

2. weaving both into the back of your head.

3. weave a thin braid (make sure to leave some hair on for a more natural look) that will pass through the nape of the head.

4. The braid is woven together with the human hair weft.

best human hair weft

Glue human hair weft

Glue human hair weft is the most comfortable way to install human hair weft.

1. Layered hair. Divide your hair into three or two layers as needed.

2. Compare the layered lines and cut off the excess weft hair strands.

3. Apply glue to the weft and stick the hair strands to the layering line.

4. A hoop and hook hold a small strand of hair together with a small strand of hair.

5. Comb and trim the ends to make them look more natural.


1. Use good quality glue for your scalp health. The bad glue may irritate the scalp, which maybe makes the scalp feel stuffy or itch, even affect your health. 

2. Don’t pull hair by force when you remove the human hair weft, that will damage your hair.

human hair bundles

Today I have explained what is human hair weft and how to install human hair weft.

What is your favorite install way?

Let me know in the comments below!