Lace closure can be applied by sew-in, glue and adhesive tape. Most women feel using glue can get a better natural look. Today I will teach you how to apply glue to apply lace closure. Apply a lace closure with glue can be done at home by a few simple steps:

Things to be prepared in advance: fake hair gel, small brushes, scalp protectors, scissors, hair dryer.


1.Make sure the skin below your hairline is glabrous and clean, with no styling products and oils. This is where your lace closure is, and the area can be secured.

2.Clip the lace back to the hairline and be careful not to cut any hair from the lace closure. To know where you need to cut it, position the lace closure hair piece on your head in front of your hairline. If you match the hairpiece up with your hairline, then your hair will get glue this time.

3.Clean and dry your face and neck, which is an area for applying scalp protectors.

4.Apply a scalp protector below your hairline to completely dry. This is optional, but will provide maximum adhesion for your lace closure while protecting your scalp and the glue around your head. You can buy scalp protectors at any beauty shop or online store, or from the retailer where you bought your shoes.

5.Use a small eyeshadow brush or the brush included with the glue to apply it below the hairline, where the front of the lace closure will be!

6.Dry the glue for at least 30 to 45 seconds with a blow dryer that's on a cool setting. The purpose of this is to make the glue tacky, which will provide better adhesion. Depending upon which brand of glue you use, this can take 15 mins or more.

7.Press the front hairline of the lace closure to your skin where the glue has been applied, and press down firmly until the lace closure stays in place on its own--this can take up to one full minute. Repeat this process for the sides of the lace closure too.

8.Wait at least 15 minutes for the glue to dry before trying to style your lace closure hairpiece. If you try to style it too soon, the lace closure will be moved out of place.

To learn more about install lace frontal closure, continue to view the following video

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