I Tip hair extension is also known as shoelace tip. Flash point or cold fusion, is a cold way to connect hair pieces.The processing tool includes a hook or ring, microtubules and fuse plier. Dsoarhair.com says the avialable method for people who don't want to apply heat to their hair. The positioning procedure is simple, but you need to buy some specific device as part of a hair extension kit.

Divide your hair into sections. Grab the top of your hair and pull up. Clip this section of hair with a clip to let it into the hair below. The following sections should start where you want to install the extension.

Insert the traction needle or hook through i-tip tube.The tube will be located at the lower part of the needle, exposing the hook.

Grab the first extension of your hair.This should be small enough to pass through the tube effortlessly.

Pin the needle into the upper part of the hair, about an inch from the scalp.

When fixing the tube with your finger, pull the needle to you.This will take part of the hair through the tube.

Hold the tube with your fingers and fix it to the scalp about a half to an inch from the scalp.

Push the I tip hair extension up into the tube.Insert a solid or inclined end into the bottom of the tube.Push the extension to the scalp.The tube now has a natural part of hair and stretch.

Press the end of the tube with the hair plier to keep it away from the scalp.This flat process ensures the stretch, blending it into natural hair.

loose wave hair