Here comes a question from a beautiful lady this morning: I have always purchased middle part lace closure but I am now looking into free part (no-part) closure. Have any of you purchased them and if so, how easy were they to style. And what about three part? As for this question, we will get into today's topic-which should we choose among the three lace closures with different headlines?

First, the three lace closure don't have any difference in the texture and installing. They are all 100% human hair and all hand tied lace with baby hair. They are equally good and all are easy to style, but it is essential that you bleach the knots for either style of closure. I hate when people wear a 3 part closure without bleaching the knots.

Free Part Closure VS Middle Part Closure VS Three Part Closure

Second, it depends on the different hairstyle ideas.

I wear freestyle when I want the option of wearing my closure going backwards with the lace glued down. If I want the part to be more defined or to stay extra flat, after I part the hair,I take a curling iron and smooth the hair down flat around the parted section. I have a freestyle lace wig right now and I did that today to make sure that my part is super visible.

 I wear the three part closure or middle part lace clousure when I only plan to wear the hair with a part.

Third, it depends on your face shape.

Middle part or three part doesn't suite the long face for it draws the facelengthwards and make someone look weird. Thus free part may be better choice for long face.

Fourth, 3 part and middle part are nothing special. When we wash many times, it isn't much different from a free part closure. Thus you can choose anyone of them if they all suite your face shape.