When I first wore a human hair extension, I didn't know anything about the difference between synthetic hair and virgin hair. However, when I bought a lot of human hair extensions, I realized the importance of Virgin Hair. If you wear a virgin hair extension, you can also try different hairstyles without damaging your natural hair.

Everything You Want To Know About Virgin Hair


※ What is virgin hair

※ How to Find High-Quality Virgin Hair Extensions

※ How To Take Care Of Virgin Hair

※ How to judge the quality of virgin hair you buy?

What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair is the most cost-effective human hair extension. Virgin hair is unprocessed hair, which is the best quality hair in the hair market. It is unprocessed hair, which is cut directly from a Virgin’s head. It can be dyed and permed any way you want, curly hair, straight hair, color hair, and it will keep looking like your own hair for a long time, not tangling and not falling off easily.

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How to Find High-Quality Virgin Hair Extensions

Some bad hair extension companies mix animal hair or synthetic fibers with human hair. This non-human hair can cause styling problems, especially in high temperatures. In addition, non-human hair can irritate, causing skin irritation. As a consumer, you should know what your human hair extension is made of, and you can check out the reviews of hair brands. You can also buy hair from online hair brands or certified places. Buying bundles of hair from your local beauty supply store is a quick option but is most likely a poor investment.

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How To Take Care Of Virgin Hair

Pay attention to low-temperature heating to avoid overheating damage

100% human hair extensions, such as Dsoar hair, are just as susceptible to heat damage as natural hair. Protect your investment with a spray or thermal protector before using a heating tool. Also, use your hot tools at the lowest temperature so as not to damage your extension.

Keep your hair clean

When you wear your human hair extensions, you need to keep a regular clean, especially if you have a sew-in closure. You can always clean your hair with dry shampoo, or a cleanser. When you remove your human hair extensions, you should clean them up thoroughly, and give them a good clean before storing them. By doing this, your virgin hair extensions will be ready for future use.

Comb your hair with the appropriate comb

If your virgin hair is straight or curly, be sure to comb it with bobby pins or a hairbrush. If you buy kinky curly hair, you'll only want to mess it up when it's wet. It's best to use a wide-toothed comb for textured hair.

Protect the hair weft

The weft is the thick seam at the top of your human hair extensions that allows you to install the hair. Without the weft, you would not have any hair extension. You want to make sure you don't do anything to break the weft line, especially if you plan to use your human hair extension more than once. Don't put too much pressure on the hair weft as your styling or hair removal.

Be careful to store

Don't throw extensions into your bag when you're not wearing them optionally, or you'll get a mess in return! They must be stored correctly. Why is that? I think you want to use them in the future, and you also don't want them to look curly or messy. You should gently remove your blusher, clean them, and hang them to dry. If you can't put up virgin hair, put it in a flat place to dry. When the hair is dry, put it back in its original packaging.

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How to judge the quality of virgin hair you buy?

1. If they claim it's 100% human hair, then the softness should be obvious. If you think your hair is dry and brittle, then you shouldn't buy it because it's probably of poor quality.

2.Virgin hair that can not be heat set well is probably not virgin hair. If you see some hair melting away, it's probably not the real virgin hair, and probably not 100% human hair.

3. If you've noticed that you've left a string of braids while combing your virgin hair, then you might want to rethink whether your hair is real virgin hair. Slight loss is normal after brushing for virgin hair, but large clumps of hair are an abnormal condition.

If your human hair appears the above question, you need to contact the hair store for a timely refund. Dsoar Hair offers a 15-day return guarantee with no reason and 24 hours after-sales service.

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Dsoar Hair not only provides high-quality hair at a reasonable price but also offers discounted prices with many sales that we maintain throughout the year.

Have you ever bought virgin hair from an online salon before? Let us know in the comments! We'd love to hear about your experience!