Hey friends! I have worn the most fashionable headband wig for several days, and I would give you feedback now. A headband wig is a wig that is friendly for the beginner and lazy girl, and it is super easy to wear. Now, I would introduce what is headband wig and how to wear it, and more hairband wig information. Follow me!

everything you want to know about headband wig


1. What is headband wigs

2. Why you need headband wigs

3. Dsoar hair new in headband wigs

4. How to wear headband wigs

5. Dsoar hair Big sale

What is headband wigs?

The headband wig is a new fashion design in 2020, which is the creative collection of a springy and silky headscarf attached to the human hair wig, no glue, no gel, and it looks do naturally. You can tie up a high ponytail or updo to show your natural hairline.

It has an adjustable back strap on the back of the headband wig, several slips, and an adjustable hairband sewn inside, so you can fix the headband wig well without glue, tape, or other adhesives, you can also decorate the original black headband with headscarves of other colors or patterns according to your preferences.

headband wig

Why you need headband wigs

1. Headband wigs doesn't need glue to hold it in placewhich would be helpful to protect your scalp. Lace wigs need to be glued to the front of the lace, and the glue can easily damage your scalp. Over a long period, it can damage the hair follicles on your scalp and cause permanent hair loss. The headband wig can protect your scalp by avoiding glue.

2. Protect your natural hairline. Traditional lace wig needs glue to hold the lace in front and hide your hairline, which can easily cause a backward hairline. The headband wig will expose your hairline, allowing your hairline to naturally blend in with the wig.

3. Money-saving and time-saving. You don't need to go to a professional salon to sew in, and you only need to spend about ten minutes to put on the wig, while wearing a lace wig will take 1-2 hours. Compared to wearing a lace wig, you do not need much time on wearing the human hair headband wig.

4. Easy to wear and friendly for the beginner. You don't need an experienced hand to wear a headband wig, even you are a beginner, you don't need to worry about making a mess of your headband wig, even if you've never known what a headband wig is, just you like the chic style headband wig hairstyle, you would make it better. You can put the headband wig on your head directly, and just adjust the headband, and fix it with clips on the cap.

5. Transformations hairstyle. You can see body wave, natural wave, straight and curly headband on sale, what’s more, each type of head wigs you can tie a ponytail, make a bun to show your natural hair, that is easy to realize and it is natural as your hair.

Headband wig is the most popular hair wig in 2020, and many celebrities have also started to wear it. Put on and go, breathable and light, natural hairline, save money and time.......It's a collection of all the wigs.

headband wigs

Dsoarhair New In Headband Wigs 

Material Hair: 100% Virgin human hair

Density:130%-180% density

Texture: body wave/straight/curly/natural wave human hair wig

Hair Color: nature black

Cap Size: small/21-21.5, middle/22-22.5,large/22.75-23 velcro in the back, easy to adjust the cap, suitable for any head size

Wigs Length: 12-30 inches for you to choose

Items per Package:1 headband wig+ 1 free head wrap gift

Human hair Headband wigs make you fashionable and comfortable. Where can I buy headband wigs? You can buy the best headband wigs, cheap headband wigs, and glueless human hairs headband wigs, 100% human hair wigs on Dsoarhair websites. Once you place the order, you will get a headband for a wig, and extra gifts. 

 natural headband wig

How to wear headband wigs

1. Braid your hair back in rows, and style your front hair. 

Comb your hair smoothly, and braid your hair, your hairline or bang would be naturally blended in with the headband wig, so make sure that which is pushed in front of your ears, or else it might get caught in the wig later. Continue combing until there’s a clear part between your natural hair and the edge of the wig cap.

2. Put the wig directly on top of your head, then roll the hair to the front, adjust the tightness of the hairband, and paste the Velcro on the back. Adjust the Velcro on the inside of the wig to match your head size, you should put the wig a few inches back from the hairline to match with natural hair by using a wig brush or can put natural hairline over the wig hairline.

3. Comb the human hair of the headband wig and wear a silky scarf over the black headband.

best headband wig

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I have worn a headband wig for several days, and it is so simple and convenient. I love it, and it can realize that styling a fashion hairstyle on the home in several minutes. Unbelievable! The headband human hair wig is suitable for many occasions, such as daily life, party, travel, birthday, etc, especially for zoom meetings, busy days, very easy to wear and restyle. Dsoarhair human hair headband wigs can be dyed, straighten, permed. Buy the best headband wigs on Dsoarhair.com