Whether to wear a wig cap before wearing human hair wigs is the common question for wigs lovers.

Some people think it is better to wear a wig cap before wearing human hair lace wigs, other people think it is uncomfortable wearing a wig cap under wigs for women, no matter lace front wigs or full lace wigs.

Actually, whether to wear a wig cap to wear cheap human hair wigs depends on personal preference, there isn’t an exact answer about it.

Now, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a wig cap under human hair wigs for black women, and how to choose the suitable wig cap in this blog.

Do I need a wig cap to wear human hair wigs

Advantage of wearing a wig cap under human hair wigs

※ For complete hair loss customers:

1, A wig cap can be used as a protective barrier between your head and wigs for women. Put a wig cap on your head, can protect your scalp from the friction of wearing human hair lace wigs. Prevent the feeling of itchy and uncomfortable that may occur after worn your best human hair wigs.

2, A wig cap is very important when you have the sensitive scalp. A soft and ventilate wig cap ensures your scalp comfortable and breathes well, avoids the damage to your sensitive skin.

3, Another important function is a wig cap can keep your 100 human hair wigs at their suitable place and will not move. The head with complete hair loss will be slippy, if you wear real human hair wigs directly on your head, this may cause women's human hair wigs sliding back and forth. You will feel a lack of confidence with your human hair wigs. Under the circumstances, wearing a wig cap can fix lace front wigs and full lace wigs, make you more confidence with your remy human hair wigs.

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※ For women have their own hair

1, Same as hair loss women, wearing a wig cap can be used as a protective barrier between your own hair and human hair wigs. Different from the hair loss women, a wig cap for women with their own hair can protect their own natural hair. Avoid the friction when wearing real human hair wigs, long time friction will cause your own hair fork and knot, with a soft wig cap under the best human hair wigs can avoid this situation effectively.

2, If your cheap human hair wigs’ color is different with your own hair, then a wig cap will help you cover all your own hair, make your wigs more natural as the hair is grown from your own scalp. Otherwise, if your own hair color is different from your best human hair wigs, hair from the commissure will make your wigs unnatural.

3, Since you should brad your hair before wearing women's human hair wigs, a wig cap can thoroughly cover your entire braids, and keep the flatness of your own hair. Flat hair can show the best effects of wearing cheap human hair wigs.

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Disadvantage of wearing a wig cap under human hair wigs

1, Some people said they feel stuffiness when they put a wig cap on their head. Because a wig cap will add another extra layer under wigs, this layer will cause you to feel stuffiness and sweating, people who are not used to it may feel uncomfortable.

2, Average size of wig cap will make people with bigger head feel too tight when they wear wig cap on, influence the comfortable sensation.

How to choose wig cap before wearing human hair wigs

Choose a suitable wig cap is also very important, an appropriate wig cap not only can protect your own natural hair, but also bring a comfortable feeling to you. Now we will show some tips on how to choose a suitable wig cap.

1, Wig cap material

Nylon cap and silk cap are the popular welcomed wig caps in the market. A nylon wig cap can avoid your human hair wigs sliding. A silk wig cap can protect your own hair from friction and damage.

Cotton material wig cap can’t be chosen, because the cotton will absorb the oil and water from your own hair, cause your hair dryer.

2, Wig cap color

The color of wig cap similar to your 100 human hair wigs will be better to show the natural appearance.

Actually, whether to choose a wig cap depends on personal feeling, if you really feel it is uncomfortable, then you can choose not to wear it. Since the wig cap definitely can protect your scalp and hair, so we suggest you can buy a pack of suitable wig cap to see if you have an uncomfortable feeling when you wear it, the cost of the wig cap is very cheap.

We also suggest you can take off your cheap human hair wigs and wig cap at night to let your scalp and head have a good relax.

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Have you decided whether to wear a wig cap under your human hair wigs? Welcome to share some comments with us.


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