We all know among all the types of virgin human hair, Brazilian Human Hair is the best quality, and there is also many hairstyles for women to choose, such as: Brazilian Body Wave Hair, Brazilian Loose Wave Hair, Brazilian Straight human hair, Brazilian Jerry Curly Human Hair and so on.

Women maybe confused by the similar texture, they have no idea with how to distinguish them, they even don’t know what type should be picked.

Then this article will show you something you need to know about Brazilian body wave hair and loose wave hair.

Brazilian Body Wave Hair VS Loose Wave Hair, Which is better

Catalogue of this article:

 What is Brazilian Human Hair?

 What is Brazilian Body Wave Hair?

 What is Brazilian Loose Wave Hair?

 Brazilian Body Wave Hair and Loose Wave Hair, Which is better?

We have discussed many times why Brazilian Human Hair is the best for us, it is widely welcomed by women because of the source and the quality. Then, we will beginning with the first point:

What is Brazilian Human Hair?

Brazilian Human Hair, is a kind of virgin human hair. Speak in summary, Brazilian hair weave is complimented with below characteristics:

① The source of the Brazilian human hair bundles is different. Brazilian human hair comes from a small and remote village that belongs to Brazil Area. The women there donate their beautiful and healthy hair to earn some money. So the Brazilian virgin hair keeps the original natural characteristics.

② Because of it’s natural characteristics, the Brazilian Human Hair has the capacity to bear different color and restyle demands, with the same durable service time and soft wear feeling.

③ Virgin Brazilian Hair Weave is silky, with natural shine on it. No matter what kind of hairstyles you want, they can keep the curls and pattern well, easy for management.

④ It is 100% natural virgin remy unprocessed Brazilian Human Hair.

⑤ Brazilian hair bundles sew in looks more natural, match your own hair well, no one will recognize it is a hair weave if not speak out.

Brazilian Human Hair

The beautiful women in this picture is wearing the Dsoarhair Brazilian human hair, how natural it looks!

What is Brazilian Body Wave Hair?

Brazilian Body Wave Hair, is also called virgin Brazilian body wave hairstyles, it is one kind of popular hairstyles on the market. It is a mass popular appeal hairstyle because of it’s shape and the polytrope.

Body wave hairstyles, the shape is like a big and relaxed “S” style. It is like a big “S” spin around itself. The curls of the Brazilian body wave hair is the biggest than any other hairstyles.

The advantages of Brazilian body wave hair is:

◇ There is a natural luster along with the entire hair body, looks very delicate.

◇ The body wave bundles can be reworked to any color and any hairstyles, and will keep the pattern well.

◇ Brazilian body wave hair is easy for care compare with other curls, it may not need special care program.

◇ Brazilian body wave sew in will make women looks more fashion.

Brazilian Body wave hair

The beautiful girl in the picture is wearing Dsoarhair Brazilian body wave hair.

Get Dsoarhair Brazilian body wave hair as soon as possible

What is Brazilian Loose Wave Hair?

Brazilian Loose Wave Hair, is also one kind of popular hairstyles on the market. It’s shape is more looser than body wave hair.

The advantages of Brazilian loose wave hair is:

◇ Brazilian Loose Wave Hair, has the same advantages with Brazilian Body Wave Hair: The hair can be various restyled to any color or any styles people like, and will hold the curls well.

◇ It is also easy for taking care of, no need other special caring procedure.

◇ Long service time and soft wear feeling.

◇ Different with the body wave hair, Brazilian loose wave hair has an expensive shine throughout the entire hair body. But it will become more natural after washed.

Brazilian Loose wave hair

Brazilian Body Wave Hair and Loose Wave Hair, Which is better?

Brazilian Body wave hair and loose wave hair both are the fiery welcomed hairstyles on the market. They have some same common point, like: the soft, silky, the long service time, the diversification and so on. At the same time, they have some different points, like: the shape, the result after wore. Which to choose depends on the personal feeling. Here is a picture shows the different shapes of them:

Brazilian Body Wave Hair and Loose Wave Hair

Brazilian body wave hair and loose wave hair, no matter which one you choose, Dsoarhair will keep on working hard to provide high quality virgin human hair and customer service as usual. Do you have other questions about Brazilian body wave hair and loose wave hair? Welcome your kindly contact in the below comment area.


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