For the beginner in the world of lace front wig, there can be a lot of confusion in choosing a lace front wig. For example, how to select the lace color, length, texture of the hair, these problems are very easy to understand, and in this piece, we are going to talk about all you need to know about the A Guide To Choose The Right Lace Color.

A Guide To Choose The Right Lace Color

DSoar Hair new arrivals transparent lace wig for fashion women to choose.Lace material choice is another, essential key when attempting to gain the best results, in the hair market  the best quality is the Swiss lace material verses the French lace material. 

Swiss Lace vs French Lace,Which One Is Better?

Swiss lace blends better with the skin for a less visible appearance than French lace. However, Swiss lace is finer, and more fragile, than French lace.Swiss lace is the most undetectable material and it has many colors to suit to your skin tone. When it is adhered properly to your skin, it gives an invisible hairline, as though the hair is growing out of your scalp. French lace is slightly thicker and more durable. Usually Swiss lace is used at the front hairline and crown of the lace wigs, and French lace is used for the rest of the lace wigs. This helps increase durability.

How To Choose Right Lace Color?

You want to match the lace color with your scalp complexion not your skin tone. This is because when you part the unit, you want it to appear as your natural scalp color. So to check your scalp color part your hair and look at the color of your scalp to determine your lace color.

Brown Lace vs Transparent Lace

Standard Lace Colors

Transparent Lace Wig: Ideal for women who have creamy and fair complexions,suitable for most complexions.If you are close to these complexions you will also look good in light brown lace color if you decide to purchase an in stock lace front wig or full lace wig.

Light Brown Lace Wig: For light brown skin scalp tones. This is our best selling and most asked for lace color because it blends with most complexions. 

Brown Lace Wig:For darker skin scalp tones.

Please note: transparent lace is not recommended for brown skin tones and will look ashy against the skin as it only blends perfectly if you are of a fairer complexion. In the same way that brown lace blends perfectly with brown skin tones and doesn't blend well if you are white or fair skinned.

Unlike regular wigs, Lace Wigs are hand made by meticulously tying strands of hair to a fine lace mesh material thus affording lace wigs superior advantages over regular wigs.The lace, once adhered to the skin, virtually vanishes creating a natural looking and flawless hairline.

DSoar Hair has 3 different colors light brown, brown, and transparent lace for your lace front wig, so you can color match the lace to your skin tone. No matter what the problem, please leave us a message.Have a good day for you.