hair extensions

U-tip hair extensions

The U-Tip hair extensions are extensions of hair extensions that are preset with keratin and are applied to the client through a perm or perm. This type of hair extension is also known as "fusion".

When it comes to integrating hair extensions, you should consider a hot compress. And how comfortable are you with the heat and heat in your hair?

You must melt keratin by using a heating tool to install the u-shaped fusion expansion. You may have brittle or damaged hair, and you want to stay as far away from the heat as possible, even though these tools use only a small fraction of the heat generated by the ordinary curling iron.

You should make sure that you have clean, hairless hair when you try a hot melt. And, in view of this, I prefer I-tipped hair.

I-tip hair extensions

The I-Tipped hair extensions are also called cold fusion. These extensions are realized by using a traction tool, which can be a hook or a ring that pulls the customer's hair through a very small loop. The I-tip extension is then inserted into the micro loop and compressed with special pliers -- a compression that holds the extension in place.

Generally speaking, I-tipped hair is cold-fuse with your natural hair. This process has its advantages and disadvantages. Use a micro ring process, including pulling your hair out of a small metal ring and attaching a bun to your hair. Women undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy should not try this ring made of copper or aluminum because it can cut into the skin of the hair and cause damage. For women with "resilient" hair, micro rings are not the best option, because they can lead to snarling, snarling, and extremely difficult removal by pulling curly hair or rough hair.