It takes a lot of time, patience and effort to create and maintain a beautiful hairstyle. Everyone has a different haircut. There are many factors to consider when choosing a hairstyle.


1. Cost of Money & Time

Consider time, money, and patience. Generally, once your hair starts, the biggest challenge is keeping your hair healthy and happy. Do you sometimes have time or money to maintain your hair with a stylist? Do you have enough patience to maintain your hair? Do you know how to maintain your hair?

2. Your Lifestyle

If your job requires a certain degree of precision, don't try free-styling hair. If you're exercising regularly or sweating regularly, don't try heavy hair. However, if you live and work in an extreme climate, heavy hair can be a good "head blanket".

Also, consider your personal habits. Suggest choosing a hairstyle similar to your normal lifestyle.

3. Hair texture

Most hair styles are good for tight coils or twisted hairstyles. Curls tend to stick together more evenly. On the contrary, straight hair separates naturally. Also, the straighter the hair, the higher the sebum, the higher the natural fat of hair and scalp. This leads to the accumulation and creation of odors in the locking process.